illus-groups-trainingIf a picture is worth a thousand words, a good speech is worth millions. Even a short presentation can produce lasting results. I’ve seen it first hand – from both sides of the stage.

What makes me different from many speakers is that I know how to reach people, in ways that resonate deeply and relate to their life and work. I hone in and get to the heart of matters. And having been a radio host, columnist and TV personality, I know how to create and deliver a strong message.

Another advantage I have as a speaker is my life experience. Besides my business background, I have spent time in other cultures and witnessed amazing things in my foundation work in Rwanda. The people there, particularly the strong-willed women, have taught me many lessons that I share in my speeches. In addition, I have had numerous health challenges, including cancer, heart disease and other health issues. I’ve learned lessons about myself and life that people will benefit from hearing.

My speeches are always customized, never canned. In fact, to determine the focus of my message, I will personally interview you or one of your top executives to understand your group’s specific issues. Then we will decide what topic(s) to address in my presentation.

My keynote speeches and workshops are designed to achieve practical results:

  • Awareness of the leader within us all
  • Improved communication skills
  • Enhanced team dynamics
  • Clearly defined goals
  • Increased revenues
  • More effective sales and marketing behaviors
  • Facing the storm: overcoming obstacles

What’s Your Story?

What are your organization’s unique assets, challenges and goals?

To get you started, here are some of the typical concerns my clients have voiced. What are your own key questions and issues?

  1. Whatever happened to our team spirit?
  2. What’s getting in the way of our goals?
  3. Why is there a gap between what I say and what people hear?
  4. How can I better integrate my professional and personal lives?
  5. How do we refocus after tough times?

Please contact me to discuss your unique story. We’ll determine the key points and content you wish to address. Then I’ll wrap a speech around it that draws attention and delivers results (with some laughs along the way).

Here is a sampling of my most effective and popular messages:

My signature theme is “Empowering the Leader Within.” Each presentation is tailored to meet your organization’s specific goals and challenges.

Women * Wisdom* W.E.A.L.T.H. the Time is Now! – Discover the paradigm shift of what a woman brings to the world.

Leadership at the Top – 7 powerful steps to becoming the best leader possible – Through the image of a giraffe, I reveal what it really takes to become your best as a leader and human being. Interactive, thought provoking and powerful, this keynote can also be used as a seminar and dynamic coaching program. Complete with a workbook for a coaching or seminar style setting, this conversation among leaders may change your view forever on what is possible.

Giving to Yourself by Giving to Others – A moving presentation on the power of philanthropy to add meaning to your life. This speech not only presents the ‘why’ of making a difference, but the ‘how’ of getting it done!

Success by Design: The Power-Passion Connection? – The power-passion connection is key to a successful business and a compelling, purposeful life. I share three techniques to focus and revitalize that connection and show how to use it to design the life you love.

Brick by Brick: Lessons Learned from the Women of Rwanda – ?I draw from my work with the Itafari Foundation to share three poignant lessons learned from the extraordinary women of Rwanda. You will learn how you, too, can turn passion into action in any circumstance.

Double Your Sales in A Year: The Power of Referrals – ?Dramatically increase sales through the power of referrals. I describe the characteristics of the unstoppable referral system and share the three key actions that get results today.

Dead Rita’s Wisdom – ?Dead Rita’s wisdom lives on. Join me to learn the three universal lessons on trust, relationships, and success as passed on to me by a woman of significance who died, but who continues to touch the world through her wisdom, humor, and dignity. For additional details and to get a free chapter of the book sign up here.

The Reluctant Leader: Learn to Say YES to Success? – Take away “no” and what you’ve got left is “yes.” I explain six effective techniques to identify and remove obstacles so that you, too, can lead with confidence and say “Yes!” to success.

Facing the Storm – Learn to walk through adversity rather than run from it. Using the powerful image of the buffalo, I connect the audience to their voice within. You are reminded of the storms you have faced and the tools and actions you took that helped you get through the tough times. While my stories are deeply personal, they relate professionally to anyone facing adversity, in any personal or professional circumstance.

Please contact me for further information on fees or topics of interest you may have. For more information about upcoming or past appearances please see Events.

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Victoria Trabosh

Victoria Trabosh

Since 2003, I have leveraged my 40-year business career and life experience into a role as an executive coach and international speaker, author and columnist. Practicing what I preach, I have been my own agent of change during my career. It has sparked in me a passion for helping others change as well. In fact, I’ve committed my life to it.

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