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Feedback 101

Written By Victoria Trabosh, CEC Situation: “I was recently hired to deliver feedback?from a leadership 360 online assessment. The client ‘freaked out’ and refused to hear the feedback. What should?I have done and how could I have handled the...

Is it racial injustice, or is it personal?

An excerpt from my recent Sticky Situation article in Choice Magazine.   “I’ve been hired to coach an executive who is African American and in a crucial position in a large tech firm. His female director is white. She...

How to Elevate, not Exploit, the Black Voices Saving Your Company from Itself

written by Kamala Avila-Salmon “We joined the ERG because we needed help, but we became the help,” she said. LET THAT READ SINK INTO YOUR SOUL AND MAKE YOU SQUIRM. This quote is from an excellent Washington post story...

The Presumed Neutrality of Whiteness

written by Kamala Avila-Salmon It was an idea so obvious that I couldn’t believe I hadn’t articulated it explicitly before: the presumed neutrality of Whiteness. What I mean is the assumption that White people have no identity or set...

Many of y’all just celebrated your first Juneteenth…now what?

written by Kamala Avila-Salmon Yesterday, I heard a line that I just can’t stop thinking about. “White people are acting like Black people just came out.” It’s laugh-out-loud funny but of course it’s not. If you don’t get it,...

Without Compassion, Resilient Leaders Will Fall Short

Written by Carol Kauffman It can come out of nowhere — a contempt attack.?Like a panic attack, it arises suddenly and takes over completely. You feel a roil of emotions and an overpowering sense of exasperation: the person you’re...


Today POW Film Fest is launching POW TV, a virtual viewing station for discovering stories told by women and non-binary filmmakers. The past few months have provided many of us with the opportunity to watch a lot more films...

How do i support my female client?

Please enjoy my contribution to a “Sticky Situation” published in this months Choice Magazine?titled, “Breaking the Glass Ceiling. Coaching women in Leadership”. Read more Sticky Situation articles here!

Harnessing the Power of Reflection

Tune in to the Roar Podcast today to hear Victoria Trabosh, CEC, executive coach, international speaker, and author discuss “Harnessing the Power of Reflection” with Lakecia Gunter. Victoria shares how the power of reflection can enable leaders to accomplish...

The ROAR Process

Written by Lakecia Gunter ??????????? In times such as these, when I face an uncertain future caused by an international pandemic, there are voices that speak to me in my deepest, darkest moments of fear. They speak to me...

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