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Me-Mom-Jeff-circa-1960s1Do you believe the world needs a bit more wisdom?
Do you wish you could tap into your own wisdom without constantly believing you don’t know enough?
What if the wisdom you seek is as close as the wisdom given by those who have cared enough to share it with you?

Read this book to tap into your own wisdom.


trabosh-soundcloudClick HERE and listen to Victoria speak on how she tapped into her own wisdom after her mother’s death,?and how the wisdom from Rita lead to taking action in Rwanda.

Dead Rita’s Wisdom is now the feature of Wisdom Circles.?Read the book, and then join Victoria as she helps you explore how to use wisdom for living a purpose filled life. For more information about hosting, or attending a Wisdom Circle click?HERE.


“Rarely does a piece of work come along that stands the potential to provide as much impact as Dead Rita’s Wisdom. The lessons to be learned are sometimes quirky, elicit a wide range of emotions, are thought provoking and ultimately time tested…Vicky Trabosh has shared her very special relationship with Rita from the heart and in a way that makes you feel as if you were sitting right there with them as it took place.?I whole-heartedly recommend you snuggle up and take in everything this book has to offer!”

Scott Schilling, Speaker, Trainer and Author of Talking With Giants!

Usually, I sit down with a book and gobble it up as quickly as possible. However, this book, this extraordinary book, held me captive, slowed me down, caused me to stop and smell the roses, stop and think, stop and stroke each page!!?For me, this book is an affirmation. I believe Rita and I would have been dear friends. I learned my truths – which are Rita’s, as well – through group therapy 40 years ago. And just as therapy presents you with choices, that is exactly what makes this book so unique and wonderful: Rita’s words, her wisdom are proffered as a buffet. Pick and choose as you like, one helping or pile it on (although since everything hangs together it is pretty impossible to pick up just one strand). This is food for life, for living.?OK. I’m gushing. Here it is as straightforward as I can make it: if your path, your life, your relationships, are not what you want them to be, read this book and FOLLOW RITA’S WISDOM. You will never ever be the same.

J.W. – June 2012

So many wonderful juicy nuggets of wisdom handed down from woman to woman. It’s one of those books you can pick up and open to any page for a daily dose of ‘duh!


After reading over 1/2 this book (it’s taking way longer than I’d like), I can attest that it is a wonderful book. It’s one of those books that will make you feel so many emotions in just one chapter. It’s a VERY easy and quick read (if you take more time than me!). I really hadn’t expected it to be so educational but I knew there would be inspiration. Not educational like a textbook, but more like lessons learned from living and observing life. I highly recommend this book to and for anyone!! You will not be disappointed. ?


Vicks! LOVING IT! I’m reading your book and I don’t want to put it down. Greatness! Luscious!


Let’s face it; it is a little surprising when someone refers to her mother as Dead Rita. Yet, if Rita were alive, she would be smiling about her daughter’s accomplishment writing and completing this book. You can pick this book up and open to any chapter and you will learn something. You may sit back, as I did, after reading a statement and think, “Hmmmmm I never thought of that way.” I found myself wanting to get to the end of the chapter for I wanted to read how the author summarized and now uses the “little things” her mother quietly taught her daughter. The author accomplished two things with this book #1 She documented her own life and #2 She shared amazing wisdom of a woman that, by the end, you will wish you had the opportunity to meet.

K.C. – 2012

When I read this book, I cried and laughed out loud. Victoria’s down-to-earth story-telling is entertaining and engaging all the way through. I read Dead Rita’s Wisdom in one sitting. I was constantly being reminded of moments and wisdom from my own mother. Thank you for introducing us to Rita, and what she brought to you and her world.

B.S. – December 2011

This book is powerful and filled with so many lessons. It is done in such a way that it makes you want to just keep reading and reading. After finishing each chapter, it made me look at my own life and realize that it is filled with so many wonderful blessings. Thank you for bringing your gift to the world. Beautifully written and funny too. Sometimes I laughed out loud and sometimes I cried but with each chapter it truly made me look deep into my own life and realize the wisdom was always there, I just needed to see it and with the help of this book, I did! Thank you Victoria!?

A.M. – December 2011

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