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In my group coaching, we all mutually learn from and inspire each other. Wisdom, experience and insight are shared and group synergy leads to epiphanies and enlightenment. You discover how your actions impact the job at hand and affect those who work with you.

Group coaching is an effective way for teams working together in any professional capacity to address specific projects or goals, like developing leadership skills or increasing sales. It’s also a powerful way to improve overall group dynamics as well as individual potential. With groups, there is great power and wisdom.

Within a company, the benefits of coaching and training groups include:

  • Defining and accomplishing shared goals
  • Maintaining momentum and accountability for the team
  • Improving communication within the team
  • Creating group support and synergy
  • Raising the bar for everyone, generating more profitability and success
  • Sharing best practices
  • Adding long-term value for the company
  • Training on specifics such as sales, management, and group performance

Benefits within professional interest groups include:

  • Revitalizing group dynamics, sharing and camaraderie
  • Meeting and networking with peers
  • Creating a confidential environment to find solutions to problems and issues
  • Learning new approaches and best practices provided by peers
  • Enjoying a supportive environment to celebrate success

How Group Coaching Works

Group coaching is usually delivered in person. I conduct half-day and full-day sessions in subjects such as sales training, group assessments, and leadership development. Feel free to contact me to discuss any topics of interest for your group.

Here’s a partial list of groups I have coached and the focus of our work:

  • City Council – communication issues and working with the press
  • Law Firms – handling crucial conversations and confrontations effectively; understanding how to communicate with different styles using the DISC? profile; training regarding the role of a trusted advisor; eliminating barriers to attracting the ideal client using Efficient Marketing, LLC materials
  • Hospital Staff – working well with all groups within a hospital environment
  • Manufacturing and Sales Companies – effective selling and client retention techniques
  • Students – empowering students to dream big and make a difference in the world
  • Board of Directors – refocusing Board on vision and mission in a powerful way that produces action toward desired goal(s)
  • Advertising Agencies- building strong leadership and communication strategies

For more information on Group Coaching & Training, please contact me.

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Victoria Trabosh

Victoria Trabosh

Since 2003, I have leveraged my 40-year business career and life experience into a role as an executive coach and international speaker, author and columnist. Practicing what I preach, I have been my own agent of change during my career. It has sparked in me a passion for helping others change as well. In fact, I’ve committed my life to it.

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