Cancer: From Tears to Triumph: Inspiration from Survivors and Thrivers, Health Care and Support Professionals, Caregivers and Loved Ones

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Global cancer cases are predicted to reach 26.4 million a year by 2030. In 2013, there were over 7.5 Million.


Cancer can be detected early, and may be preventable and treatable. Those whose lives have been touched by Cancer are in the ultimate position to spread their stories of challenge, hope, and inspiration to the world!

As you read Cancer: From Tears to Triumph, you’ll feel inspiration wash over you as you read these amazing stories from across the globe, filled with hope and wisdom you can use to overcome obstacles and achieve lasting peace, happiness and fulfillment in your life. Every life holds an inspirational story and everyone has the power to inspire others. Cancer: From Tears To Triumph is a priceless guide that will show you the way to live by choice…not by chance.

Contributing authors in order of appearance: Nicola Grace, Alistair Smith, Marjorie Miles, David Dachinger, Sue Ellen Allen, Michael Foley, Robbi Hess, JW Najarian, Jill Mooradian, Bob Grasa, Kate Landsberry, J.K.Chua, Victoria Trabosh, Ellen Violette, Becca Solodon, Caleb Jorge, Roopa Chari, M.D., Hal Price, Dr. Anne Redelfs, Rod Adkins, Susan Jeffrey Busen, A. Michael Bloom, Robyn Howard-Anderson, Lindsay McCullough, Dennis Kane, Reverend George McLaird, Debbi Dachinger, Carrie Stepp, Allan Friedman, Carol Davies, Jessica Gonzalez, Lacy Taylor, Wendy Hancharick Rumrill, Robin Lynn Griffith, Priscilla D. Nelson and Viki Winterton.

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Victoria Trabosh

Victoria Trabosh

Since 2003, I have leveraged my 40-year business career and life experience into a role as an executive coach and international speaker, author and columnist. Practicing what I preach, I have been my own agent of change during my career. It has sparked in me a passion for helping others change as well. In fact, I’ve committed my life to it.

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