“Having a conversation with Victoria Trabosh is like being hit by a lightning bolt. With her wisdom she ignites your passion and fuels performance. She is truly extraordinary.”

D. Linette Dobbins, C.F.P.? Mcgee Wealth Management

“I’ve been to MANY leadership and motivational workshops to further my direct sales business and people interaction skills. I can honestly say that your speech was by far the most inspirational I’ve ever encountered. It touched my heart not only on a professional level, but a personal one as well.”

Amanda Strong, Designer

“I so enjoyed Vicky’s presentation. While seeming to effortlessly engage the whole room with fun and laughter, she shared at such a deep level that I felt like I was part of an intimate conversation rather than a networking event. Vicky’s personal insights into leadership apply directly to a woman’s business but cross over into every other area of her life. I’m very glad I had the chance to benefit from her rich life experiences.”

Vicky Knox Leider, Website Designer, Shimna Design

“Thank you for the words and passion you shared at the recent Flourish salon. One insight that struck a chord with me: people reach those points in their lives when they’re ready to play in a bigger game; and there’s no going back. Your journey is an inspiration for all of us to rise up to those small (or loud) voices in our hearts and act: now, now, now!”

Maura Conlon-McIvor, Ph.D., Author, Speaker, Coaching Psychologist

“Stretch your boundaries, expand your creativity, and most of all enjoy the ride. A partnership with Vicky breathes new life into old patterns. And, after 20 years at the helm, Vicky has taught this old dog some new tricks.”

Kris DeSylvia, World Travel, Inc.

“Before I began working with Vicky my business had been stagnant. In the first year we worked together my sales increased 50%, and my profit margin and efficiency skyrocketed.”

Adam Bacher, Adam Bacher Photography LLC

“Signing up with Vicky was the best business decision I have made in years. This investment in myself is paying off in every aspect of my personal and professional life. Her no-nonsense approach yields big benefits after each conversation.”

Lisa MacKenzie, Founder and President, MacKenzie Marketing Group

“Vicky is more than a coach; she is my trusted advisor… a catalyst, change agent and friend.”

Timothy Freeman, Efficient Marketing, LLC

“Victoria has helped me take my life and business planning to a higher level of success. With her executive coaching, I have been able to experience the power of identifying and understanding what matters to me, and to execute my plan with continuity and accountability to myself.”

Michael Levelle, Special Counsel, Sussman Shank LLP

“Thank you again for speaking to the WEO group last night. Your presentation was wonderful and I think I can speak for everyone and say we will want you to speak again maybe after your book is published?

We always forward the comments that are made on the feedback forms to our speakers and you will find them below, they are I am sure some of the best we have ever received.

Thank you again!”

Teresa, WEO Vancouver Washington Chapter

“Just one phone call with Vicky helped me to laser-focus on some areas I needed to work on. She pinpointed important issues, gave specific recommendations, and was encouraging and empowering in all her suggestions. I highly recommend her!”

Betty Liedtke

“Victoria Trabosh has tremendous wisdom available to share with all. As an author, Vicky’s wisdom rings loud and clear through her writing. As a speaker, she eloquently expresses concepts and thoughts that can both be acted upon and used to take pause. And as an Executive Coach, she gets down to business with ease and grace uses the very wisdom and communications skills that are so valuable to help others make progress. Vicky is a tremendous talent that has the ability and desire to help you achieve your desired result!”

Scott Schilling, Owner, Schilling Sales & Marketing, Inc.

“Vicky is an amazing person and coach. She is truly dedicated and provides invaluable ideas and insight that are spot on! I highly respect Vicky and she has helped me in so many ways. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a coach who will help them in both career and life.”

Cindy Luckman

“Vicky provided me with invaluable insight and advice at a critical time in my career. She was able keep me focused on my strengths, avoid becoming overwhelmed by changes, and see that greatness can only be achieved when we truly open our minds to radical ideas and challenges. With her coaching and inspiration I was able to quickly rebound and stay within the field that I love – helping businesses to build profitable teams. Thank you Vicky for your patience, guidance, and wild enthusiasm.”

Tom Flynn

“Vicky is truly ‘best in class’ – bringing intense passion and professionalism to her executive coaching clients, to the Itafari Foundation, and to her friendships. She is expert at helping clients drill to the core issues, adding strategic insights and guiding them to the clarity and perspective needed to bring about positive results. I consider Vicky a highly trusted resource when working through critical challenges in both business and personal situations.”

Kathleen C. Lewis

“Using her experience, intellect and intuition, Vicky has a near miraculous ability to sort one’s ideas, values, dilemmas, opportunities and questions into suggestions for action. If you engage her completely and with integrity, she can help you chart your own course of action and purpose in life. Thanks, Vic.”

Allison Rouse

“Vicky Trabosh, as our career coach, works with us both individually and as a team to develop and achieve our personal and corporate goals. She does a splendid job teaching us to meld the strengths of our disparate personalities into a synergistic whole, and to have fun doing so. Vicky is such a pro that she makes this look easy, and we leave her meetings feeling empowered, validated, and ready to go out and make a difference. Yes, Vicky’s that good at what she does, and she’s that passionate about helping people to achieve their full potential. Thanks, Vicky!”

Carrie Nobles, Vice President and Trust Officer, Allen Trust Company

“Vicky Trabosh has a gift for bringing out the winner in us all. ??Recently, Vicky worked with a non profit arts in healthcare board I am involved in. Vicky had razor sharp intuition and a truly astounding ability to ascertain our issues very quickly. She helped us refine our mission as an organization and ironed out our flaws as a board. Her few hours with us resulted in a fundamental “shift” that is difficult to explain, except that it felt like magic. We have achieved great things since, even in this down economy. ??In 2005, I was making a major career shift. I hired Vicky to help me redefine my life, goals and new path. With Vicky’s professional guidance and infectious enthusiasm, I was able to craft a life that has brought me great rewards – financial security and a deep passion for what I do each day.”

Janelle Baglien

“I first saw Vicky speak at a Portland Female Executives meeting. I had been invited to attend since I was scheduled to speak at a meeting a few months later. I was immediately struck by her passion, which coincidentally, was what she was speaking about that night. Her talk struck me so deeply that I left that evening determined to find out what my passion was and turn it into a reality. A few months later I delivered what is now a standard keynote address and soon-to-be book, The Permission Principle. That same night I had the pleasure of meeting Vicky and telling her what a big a part she played, albeit unknowingly, in my address! I can’t thank her enough for her impact on my work, even though I did not know her personally at the time. That is how powerful Vicky’s speaking is. I have since come to know her as a friend and count myself blessed to have connected with such a powerful, passionate advocate for change in the world.”

Sari de la Motte, Owner, Nonverbal Solutions

“Vicky and I shared the stage at the same event.I walked into the room and she was already presenting. I sat down and soon found myself caught up in her words and presentation style. She was one of the most authentic speakers I have run into a VERY long time. She was concise, warm and provided a wide range of tools to the group that were so practical. She was believable because she had real stories to back up her statements. No question you got the sense she knew what she was talking about. ??A two-hour conversation after our presentations made understand that this woman walks her talk. She’s real and she’s fun!”

Kathy Condon, Executive Coach, Speaker and Trainer

“Passionate, articulate, brilliant and funny, Vicky Trabosh is an amazing woman. She is a powerful speaker who shares from the heart in a way that touches deeply. She has a clear focus on her life purpose and is extremely generous in guiding and inspiring others to find theirs as well. ?Vicky has been an inspiration and her spot-on guidance and support have truly been life changing.”

Nancy Thompson, Owner & Director of Flourishment, FlourishPDX

“I have worked in law enforcement and private investigations for over 25 years. I have led a life in which I believed I had met just about any person you could meet in a lifetime…until I had the privilege of meeting Vicky. If you have not yet had the pleasure of meeting, or hiring Vicky Trabosh for your business needs, I strongly encourage anyone to take advantage of her skills and ability to change your life. You will not be disappointed!”

Amy Dier, Member, Key Players

“It’s simple. Victoria is one of the most savvy, inspiring, and entertaining people I have ever known–from her compassionate work to enable Rwandan women, to her pep-talks for friends and clients. Do not miss your chance to know this woman!”

Rebecca Webb, Broadcast Journalist, KINK FM

“Vicky is not kidding when she says she is drop dead serious about making a difference in the world. She is! Her energy is contagious. Who she is oozes out and leaves you better for it. Her direct no nonsense insights wrapped up in plenty of funny stories leave you inspired and ready to make changes to be your own personal best. Thanks Vicky, for being you!”

Kathie Nelson, CMC, Principal Strategist, Connectworks

“When your dreams take flight, do they cross international waters; do they land in countries away from home? Victoria inspires others by living her dreams. Just by encouraging us all to “Pay it Forward” she is contributing to the growth of a country (Rwanda) one brick at a time. Victoria has now seen her dream grow three years old. It continues to make an impact on people… those who give and those propelled forward by the impact of the contributions. I have hosted and attended events with Vicky, she is an amazing motivational speaker/organizer/world changer. Her stories can carry you to another place and they constantly challenge you and add wings to your dreams. I recommend Vicky to anyone who wants to see the extraordinary in the world.”

Sunshine D., Account Executive, United Way of the Columbia-Willamette

“I have know Vicky for many years and have always been impressed with her drive, enthusiasm and passion for helping others. Only until she became my Executive Coach did I really understand how all of those attributes (and many more!) would help me embark on my new career. It has been truly a pleasure working with her and having her help me discover ways to succeed in my business that I never thought possible. I enthusiastically and highly recommend Victoria Trabosh as an Executive Coach. If you want to really MOVE in your career and in your life, give her a call and don’t delay!!!”

Lisa Perry

“Vicky spoke at our institution in Rwanda in 2006. Our staff were extremely motivated and deeply touched by her message and her outreach.”

Scott B.

“I met Vicky as she was developing her executive coaching business in 2003. It was a joy to create her brand identity and marketing materials. Vicky is one of the most passionate, clear-minded and decisive people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. Her insights and warm heart lend a gentle yet powerful tone to everything she does. It is inspiring to work with her and see how many lives she touches in such a positive way.”

Collin Prasch, owner, KikoDesign

“Inspiring. Articulate. Deeply passionate. Hilarious. Creative. Eminently professional. I could go on for days about wonder that is Vicky Trabosh, but she is someone best experienced first hand. Imagine the best of Yoda, Madeline Albright and Barbara Stanwick in one fabulous package. She was and continues to be one of my all-time favorite clients, and has been a transformative force in my professional career.”

Julie Bonaduce, Owner, +alcheme creative

“In composing an endorsement for any individual that has so much to offer, it helps to try to jot down a few words and ideas that come to mind. As I look back over the years I have known Vicki Trabosh, words like good, and professional are not sufficient to convey the real benefit from working with her. She helps define the broader questions that we all need to answer about personal self-worth, personal direction and our own goals. There are times where a pragmatic straightforward assessment of our direction, and abilities, coupled with personal accountability for growth and a dose of encouragement are very beneficial. Vicki provides exactly that in a no-nonsense, intelligent and encouraging way.”

Richard Glassman

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Since 2003, I have leveraged my 40-year business career and life experience into a role as an executive coach and international speaker, author and columnist. Practicing what I preach, I have been my own agent of change during my career. It has sparked in me a passion for helping others change as well. In fact, I’ve committed my life to it.

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