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quote_LaFontaineEvery single person or group I work with is different. We all have our own distinct challenges, needs and goals.

The following real-life stories tell how I have helped clients identify their goals, move beyond their comfort zones, change their thoughts and actions, and stop being a barrier to their own success – so they can achieve great results.


Andrew King, President & CEO

Icon Time Systems

Coaching Focus
  • Gain clarity as company assessed new retail strategies and significant expansion via overseas partnerships
  • Maintain effective leadership during operations and sales team restructuring
  • Break through decision barriers

“As my board and I worked through this process, I struggled with several key pieces that I felt conflicted with each other. What I thought might be best for the company might not have been best for me personally. And, I wrestled with whether what we had under consideration was going to gain us what we wanted, in the long term.”

“Vicky helped me find a path that satisfied both the company’s needs and my own.”

The Leap Forward

“In working with Vicky, I decoupled things in my thinking process that didn’t need to be coupled. I also identified where my leadership style strengths could occasionally slow me down. In some cases, I’d undervalued the significance of my word and my contributions. I gained clarity on the why and how of that and was able to work through the restructuring process with good results.”

Key Results
  • Successful team restructures
  • Closed major new overseas deal
  • New retail market strategy implementation underway
  • “More nights of good sleep!”

“Ultimately, my work led to gaining better clarity with the management team. I now have a team in place that has changed our strategy and that will achieve better results. We are poised to grow sales and have closed a major new overseas deal.

“I highly recommend Vicky and will call on her for future CEO coaching. I consider her a key part of my team of tacticians who I call on when I’m stuck.”


Lisa MacKenzie, Founder & President

MacKenzie Marketing Group

Coaching Focus
  • Clarify professional goals and dreams
  • Dissolve barriers to pursuing those goals and dreams
  • Address difficult client relationship
  • Redefine MacKenzie Marketing growth strategies

“When I first started working with Vicky, I was in the process of transforming my business – I wanted to position myself to take on new opportunities.”

The Leap Forward

“Vicky helped me define my dreams and get the barriers out of my way. She showed me how to get to the core of any issue, without the emotion. But more importantly, Vicky really helped me get clear about what I wanted as the ultimate outcome.”

“I now recognize that the work I’m doing today is setting the course for where I want to take my business and my personal life. I’ve learned the value of letting go of certain things in order to have room for new opportunities to come in – that was a huge leap forward.”

Key Results
  • 40% business growth between 2006-2007
  • Successful resolution to difficult client transition
  • Business model transformation
  • Invitations to new business opportunities in alignment with core dreams

“I have new clients that I wouldn’t have been in a position to take on without working with Vicky. I am now attracting new relationships with people who are getting me closer to what I ultimately see myself doing down the road.

“Working with Vicky has given me clarity and that is giving me great energy and enthusiasm about what is yet to come.”


Michael Levelle, Special Counsel

Sussman Shank LLP

Coaching Focus
  • Champion and develop county mediation program
  • Develop leadership strengths
  • Codify and integrate personal and professional goals
  • Achieve successful major professional transition

“The work I’ve done with Vicky continues to be useful on an ongoing basis and in many situations. In going through the coaching process, I truly feel grounded in understanding what my purpose is.”

The Leap Forward

“A number of triumphs have occurred through the coaching process. The single most defining result was during the period when I was going through a job change. I learned that my profound unhappiness wasn’t about ‘them’ – it was about me. I developed an effective and objective perspective that got me energized about what I do, and doing it with purpose. Understanding why I made the decision I did, and how it fit into my life purpose and my professional purpose, allowed me to set up a win-win situation.”

“When it comes to people and teams, you stand together and you fall together.”

Key Results
  • Initiated ongoing county mediation program development efforts including team development and team chairmanship
  • Successful professional transition
  • Clarity and integration regarding personal and professional goals
  • Developed in-house team for client-facing Sussman Shank Newsletter; as editor (2007-present), improved content and increased distribution frequency

“While I always knew that the potential existed in myself as a leader, coaching is what helped me tap into it and then unleash what I’d tapped. I give credit to Vicky for facilitating that. That’s what her coaching is really all about – leaping forward.”

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Victoria Trabosh

Since 2003, I have leveraged my 40-year business career and life experience into a role as an executive coach and international speaker, author and columnist. Practicing what I preach, I have been my own agent of change during my career. It has sparked in me a passion for helping others change as well. In fact, I’ve committed my life to it.

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